January Missive from Their Highnesses

FROM BJORN AND HILARIE, PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF CYNAGUAGreetings to all from the thrones of the Sable Swan! We want to express our gratitude to all of those fine folks who visited Us at our vigil at Twelfth Night, and all those who put in so much effort to make […]



November Missive from Their Majesties

Greetings West Kingdom! We recently posted the following to the Page. We would like this message to travel as far and wide as possible, so that all in Our glorious kingdom may read Our words. As Our reign draws closer to the end, We sit in Our hall and are […]

June Missive from Their Highnesses

Greetings from Cynagua! Congratulations to Our Heirs, Isolte and Jost!  We feel confident leaving Our beloved Principality in your capable hands and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you have planned for Cynagua. In just a few short weeks, We will be stepping down, but there are still […]

Mist Invest 131


May Missive from the Lord and Lady of the Swan

Greetings unto the most glorious Kingdom of the West!  We are filled with joyous anticipation of Our ascention to the thrones of Cynagua in a short time.  Summer brings a season of both tourney and war—We hope you will join Us and answer Their Majesties’ call and support the armies […]

April Missive from Their Highnesses

Greetings Cynagua! We are enjoying Our reign SO very much! There is always much fun to be had at every event, and that is because We get to spend time with all of YOU! We would like to congratulate Crown Prince Conor and Crown Princess Isa on Their victory at […]


Mist Invest 131

January Missive from Their Highnesses

Greetings unto the populace of Cynagua! What a wonderful day Investiture was–Magical is actually the word that comes to mind!  Thank you to everyone that attended and a special thank you to those that helped make it happen.  It could not have been as glorious as it was without all […]

Walerich and Catriona, Lord and Lady of the Swan

November Missive from the Lord and Lady of the Swan

Greetings unto the populace of Cynagua! Coronet was truly an incredible experience, a day we will never forget! We wanted to thank all of you for your warm wishes and offers of help. We feel incredibly blessed by the outpouring of love and support that we have received. Cynagua is […]

September Missive from Their Highnesses

Greetings Unto the Populace of Cynagua! We send our congratulations to Marc and Patricia, our new King and Queen of the West and wish them a prosperous and fun- filled reign.  We have returned from the Campaign in the East and thank the Western contingent that travelled forward. We look […]


Prince and princess 5

Missive from Their Highnesses

The Celts have once again landed on the golden shores of Cynagua. We are honored, excited, and humbled to serve our Populace. A heartfelt thanks goes out to their Excellencies, Thorstagge and Eowyn for their wonderful reign and service to Cynagua. We look forward to the many events ahead and […]