The Officers of Cynagua


coronetPrince of Cynagua:
Gwain Ivorsson
Princess of Cynagua:
Meisha Kulikova

775-360-6035 Phone Calls from 9AM to 9PM ONLY.

The Royal Progress
Care and Feeding – Royal Likes and Dislikes

Head of Court:
Rolf the Relentless and Aurora Komnene 

Royal Praegustator (Royal Food Coordinator, please call when planning any food or feasts):
Angus Tyresson

Award Recommendations
Cynaguan Award Descriptions

Catriona Morgan
Deputy Seneschal: Gwendwyn the Silent

chatelaineChatelaine:  Sunwolf Naran Shona

webministerWebMinister:  Abrahe çaragoça

goldkeyGold Key:  Berta Mallory

exchequerExchequer:  Edmond of Surrey

equestrianEquestrian Minister:  Siobhan Ni Seaghdha

arts sciencesArts and Sciences:  Linnet Hatfield

listsLists:  Arianwen ferch Morgan

heraldSable Swan Herald:  Michael of the Shire

archeryMinister of the Bow:  Brigid O’ Connor

chroniclerChronicler:  Morwenna of Tintagel 

Minister of the Mint:  Eowyn d’Agincourt

constableConstable:  Asillinn OGallchobhair

pageschoolYouth Chancellor:  Ahmed the Wanderer and Isabella of Betany Woods


marshalMarshal:  Cathal MacLae
Heavy Marshal:  Walerich von Bredereke
Rapier Marshal:  Tangwystel Telynores
Missile Combat Marshal:  Michael of the Shire

regaliaRegalia:  Katrina Yarbrough 

scribesSable Swan Scribe:  Moira O’Connor     

Prima Spada of Cynagua:  Justin Brennan Dickson
Bard of Cynagua:  ITuathflaith ingen Màedòc

The Guilds of Cynagua .    

Cynagua Culinary Guild:  Tashi Falconsclaw
Guild of St. Hildegard:  Tashi Falconsclaw
Sable Swan Needle Workers Guild:  Micheila MacCallum
Black Swan Brewers:  Michael of the Shire
Camerata Cynaguae:  Gwenhwyfaer ferch Gwilym
Copper Spoon:  Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr
Chirurgeon’s Guild:  Rhys ap Gwion Baird