Welcome to Cynagua’s Minister of the Lists Page

The Mistress of the Lists is the officer that coordinates and runs Their Highnesses Tournament Lists.  This includes the two Coronet Tourneys each year, the Lord Defender of Cynagua, the Prima Spada, and any other tourneys Their Highnesses may desire such as Banner Bearer, Princess’ Champion, etc.

At Their Highnesses direction, List formats may be Single or Double Elimination, Round Robin, Speed Tourney, Melee Tourney, or any other format They may desire.

Efficient running of the lists generally depends upon volunteers to assist the List Mistress.  List Pages take the cards the Heralds use to call the fighters for each bout between the Lists table and each fighting field.  List Paging is a fun way all ages can  participate in the day’s tournament activities.  To volunteer as a List Page see the List Mistress in the morning of the day of the  tournament.  If you are interested in learning how to run lists, read the “Lists for Lists Personnel” document below and volunteer to assist at the table.  


Mistress of the Lists
Treásach Þjóðhagi


How the Western Lists Run
Lists for Fighters (.PDF)

Lists for Lists Personnel (.PDF)
Lists for Royalty (.PDF)

Lists Sign-in sheets, cards, etc.
List Forms (.PDF)

Prior Lists Results
Cynagua Banner Bearer 2012 (.PDF)

Golden Rivers Championship Tourney 2012 (.PDF)
Golden Rivers Rapier Championship 2012 (.PDF)
Lord Defender Tourney 2012 (.PDF)
Spring Coronet 2012 (.PDF)