Words from Rolf and Danaë, Prince and Princess of Cynagua

Thank you to all who made Our Investiture a grand occasion.  The feast was delicious and the dancing was delightful.  It was amazing to see Our populace enjoying themselves so fully.  We would like to thank Our predecessors for taking excellent care of Our Principality. Thanks also need to go […]

Vox Cynaguae

July issue of the Vox is now available on the Chronicler’s page.

July Words from the Lord & Lady of the Swan

Thank you Cynagua for the fabulous Spring Coronet replete with arts & sciences classes, archery, and equestrian activities. The Coronet Tournament was wonderful, all of the combatants inspired greatly by their consorts, fought well and with Honor and Chivalry. Congratulations to Raven and Brenna. Raven fought with Honor, and Brenna […]

Vox Cynaguae

May issue of the Vox is now available on the Chronicler’s page.

Principality Officers Meeting June 3rd

Greetings Principality of Cynagua,   Our bi-annual Officers meeting will on June 3rd, from 11:30 until 4pm. This meeting is open to the populace of Cynagua.   Agenda: Welcome and introductions  Officer and Guild reports Event reports (past and future) Open Agenda Officers Meeting Closes Short break Meeting of the Purse […]

Words from Prince Kith and Princess Arianwen

Greetings West Kingdom! So much is happening in the coming months!  Our Mists brethren have been grumbling for quite some time about wanting Our fertile soil and sunshine.  We’ve arranged a little welcome party should Our brothers come calling.  Join us in Our Northern lands. We have all kinds of […]