Final words from their Highnesses.

Last words are more difficult than other words that We’ve sent out to Our Principality and the West Kingdom.  We have had an amazing time as the Prince and Princess of Cynagua.  We have traveled throughout the Principality and the Known World during our tenure.  The people that We have met, spoken with, art-ed with, fought alongside and against, partied with leave us filled with optimism for this wonderful experiment started more than 50 years ago.  

We experienced kindness from all corners of the SCA.  We learned stories of Cynagua’s rich history.  Our eyes were opened to the positive impact that energy and good will can have on a populace.  The people of Cynagua embraced us fully and without any reservation.  The generosity and acceptance seen in Our Principality astounds Us.  There is no better place in the SCA than Cynagua. Simply put, thank you.  It has been magical for us.

Heinrich and Else
Prince and Princess of Cynagua