Royal Progress and Household

The Progress for Gwain and Meisha, Prince and Princess of Cynagua.

The Royal Progress on Facebook

Principality of the Mists Fall Coronet – Sept 22-23 – Principality of the Mists

Thor Heyerdahl Feast and Rapier Championship – Sept 30 – Shire of Danegeld Tor

Great Western War – Oct 4-9 – Kingdom of Caid

Kingdom of the West October Crown – Oct 13-14 – Kingdom of the West

Principality of Cynagua Fall Coronet – Oct 27-28 – Principality of Cynagua

Royal Household

Prince and Princess of Cynagua:
Gwain Ivorsson
Meisha Kulikova
775-360-6035 Phone Calls from 9AM to 9PM ONLY.

Care and Feeding – Royal Likes and Dislikes

Head of Court:
Rolf the Relentless and Aurora Komnene 

Royal Praegustator (Royal Food Coordinator, please call when planning any food or feasts):
Angus Tyresson