2020 A&S competition schedule

2020 A & S Competition Schedule:
For this year we will not have themes for the competitions. I would like to have the artisans of Cynagua show THEIR art or science in their time and talent. Hoping that this will encourage more participation.

The Principality has four Arts competitions and four Science Competitions. All of the competitors are eligible to compete for the Lumens Cynagua. Just enter four different competitions with four different items. If others enter four or more, then the competitor with the highest score will receive the Lumens Cynagua and, effectively be Cynagua’s Arts and Sciences Champion. If only one competitor meets the criteria, then a group of judges will review the entries and determine whether the scores over the four competitions will determine if that competitor has met the rigor of the Lumens Cynagua. Our four competitions are held at the Coronet events:
Spring Coronet
Summer Investiture
Autumn Coronet
Winter Investiture
Check the Principality Calendar for locations and dates.