July Words from the Lord & Lady of the Swan

Thank you Cynagua for the fabulous Spring Coronet replete with arts & sciences classes, archery, and equestrian activities.

The Coronet Tournament was wonderful, all of the combatants inspired greatly by their consorts, fought well and with Honor and Chivalry. Congratulations to Raven and Brenna. Raven fought with Honor, and Brenna should be proud of his exemplary behavior both on and off the field.

The Lord Defender tournament was stoutly contested and We are pleased with the new Lord Defender who will step up at Our Investiture.

The Bardic Competition was very entertaining. We look forward to hearing more wonderful pieces from Our extremely talented incoming Bard.

Saturday evening was a very interesting and informative discussion about the future of the Principality. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend for your input on all sides of the issue. We look forward to hearing more input from Our populace on how the Principality can best prosper.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support. We look forward to serving you.

Rolf and Danaë
Lord and Lady of the Swan