Words from Rolf and Danaë, Prince and Princess of Cynagua

Thank you to all who made Our Investiture a grand occasion.  The feast was delicious and the dancing was delightful.  It was amazing to see Our populace enjoying themselves so fully.  We would like to thank Our predecessors for taking excellent care of Our Principality.

Thanks also need to go to the autocrat, Baroness Morwenna and her staff, the awesome head cook Mistress Anastasia and her staff, and Mistress Gwendwyn and all who donated to the sideboard in honor of Master Brocc.

Master Brocc, Lady Margaret, and Sir John Theophilus with the help of the musicians are to be commended for guiding Us and Our populace through a wonderful series of dances.

The memories of this glorious event will stay with Us forever.  We look forward to serving you as your Prince and Princess.

If you have any award recommendations, please send them to Us. We plan to attend as many events as We can all over Cynagua and We would like to recognize those individuals that help your groups grow and remain strong. 

Rolf and Danaë, 
Princeps, Princepessa