September Words from Rolf and Danaë, Prince and Princess of Cynagua

What an amazing month August was.  Princess Danaë was able to attend several days at Pennsic War.  His Highness attended Fettburg’s Midsummer feast.  The food was amazing and it was a wonderful event.

Her Highness’ trek back from Æthelmearc’s lands was completed in time to join his Highness at Silver Desert’s Championship.  We would like to congratulate the new Champion.  We then journeyed to Danegeld Tor for Dante’s Inferno.  Virgil was not on hand to guide Us through this wonderful, although hot, event.  However, Dante was an extremely gracious host in Virgil’s absence.

Purgatorio is always a lovely event.  It was wonderful to see the rite of Coronation of our New King and Queen, Christopher and Maurya.  Long live the King and Queen of the West.

Now, We must talk of dark tidings. It has come to Our attention that his Highness of the Mists, Antonii the Rainbringer, is withholding His life-saving rain from Our fire-ravaged lands.  We muster Our Forces to Persuade Him to share His rain-bringing talents with Cynagua.  We will meet Their Mistin Highnesses in Napa on September 7th-9th. Please join Us and help convince Him to unleash His talent.

Rambling On, a precious activity each year at Fall Coronet is the All Hallows’ Eve festivities.  The theme this year will be Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth. We look forward to Our populace showing Us their skill and imagination.

As always if you have any award recommendations please send them to Us, We would like to recognized those deserving individuals.

Rolf, Princeps
Danaë, Princepessa