October Words from Rolf & Danaë, Prince & Princess of Cynagua

Tourney season is rapidly drawing to a close 
culminating in Our Coronet Tournament.  The tournament will be standard double elimination. 
Ourselves and Our marshals will be on the lookout for weapon orientation so that no one takes a blow that was flat with a bladed weapon or haft with a pole arm, mace, or ax.
We are excited to use a new site in Silver Desert for Coronet and experiment with a new site layout. 
Our theme for Coronet is Tolkien/Middle Earth, please join Us in dressing up for evening court on Saturday. And please remember treats for the kids trick or treating that evening.
War horns are sounding along Our Southern border. We call all the fighters of Our Principality to muster to Our standard, as we march to support the Crown and secure Our Kingdom’s border from foreign aggression. 
As always, if you have any award recommendations please send them to Us, We would like to recognized those deserving individuals.
Rolf, Princeps
Danaë, Princepessa