Artisan Display at 12th Night Coronation

2019 Twelfth Night Artisan Display

We welcome all non-laurel artisans who would like to present their artistry along with their documentation to join us. We encourage all Laurels to visit the presenters’ displays and talk with the artisans about their work; and perhaps leave a token of appreciation. We hope that the populace will also attend, to see the work of this Kingdom’s up and coming artisans. 

Note – that due to the hotel’s limitations, food and beverages can only be shown in pictures and documentation. In addition, performing artists may be limited to video and documentation due to space and noise constraints. Artisans will be expected to sit with their displays.**

Artisans – please let us know of your planned attendance by sending your SCA name and general field of display, by December 20, 2018, to Micheila MacCallum (Kim Gallagher) via Facebook or email (Kim @ Gallagherclan <dot> net).

 Depending on the number of attendees we expect to have 1/3 – ½ table per participant.  More details can be found at

Actual time of the event is TBD on Saturday January 5, 2019.

Questions should be addressed to Mistress Sabrina de la Bere or Mistress Micheila MacCallum

** A notebook to take notes with, water, snacks, and headache meds.  This is a wonderful time to grow your art. The Laurels coming through as well as others are going to have information for you. They will help you make connections. You don’t want to miss anything.


12th Night Artisan Display Advise Sheet
Compiled by Atabeg Tusya Tatiana Suddosseva

It is important for Artisans to develop their “on-the-go” or pop-up demo tools. Look at it this way, if you have a ready-to-go display of interesting things… getting ready for demos of all kinds is so much easier! I am continuing to hone this skill with each and every demo participation (including the VERY *public*Scottish Highland Games demo).

Below is a tool of sorts, a check-list, (if you will) of useful things to get done now, long before you need the completed display. Doing things in preparation makes for a much more organized, educational display. Organized, educational displays that are fun to look-at, easy to read-follow are what draw in the public. Essentially, Artisan displays are the Marketing tools of the SCA. So your display needs to sparkle and attract (if not literally, then figuratively).

  1. First and for most, update your Arts/Sciences resume, (and continue to update it). Continue to keep things in bullet point presentation on this resume. IF someone picks one up, and asks questions, THEN you can take the time to go more in depth.
  1. Take pictures (even poor ones) of stuff ALL THE THINGS. Especially items you will no longer have in your possession (these are usually things you have either given away as Largesse / commissioned pieces / etc.). Include ALL THE THINGS with brief descriptions, in a photo record-album format of some kind. Keep the descriptions brief. Again remember, someone picking up the photo display will look and ask questions.
  1. Make a containable display. This means thinking about your display before you do one. *Think science fair in high school*. You could do a hanging portion (as simple as a large felt rectangle) similar to a banner to pin / attach multiple small items to. These can include: jewelry, lighter items (gloves, hats, etc.). Or a stand-up cardboard display will allow you to attach multiple small items as well.
  1. If you have a variety of one particular thing you do very well, that is great as well. It is important to display your Arts / Sciences in a manner which highlights that art / science. For example: if embroidery is your thing, display a “work in progress” piece along with your amazing completed pieces. OR, if leather-work is your art, choose one (your best representation) of a work in progress and then display pictures of the variety and depth of your art.
  1. An important thing to remember is the space you can display may vary in size, depending on how many people participate. So make your display size changeable too. It needs to either expand / or contract according to the space available. In other words, DON’T bring too many hanging clothing items if you don’t have a display rack. Don’t be THAT Artisan, (the one who takes space from other Artisans displaying their chosen art / science forms).
  1. Last but not least… Have some Artisan business cards ready. This means actual business cards with SCA name and contact info. These are important again as a Franchise / Marketing tool for you. This helps people who really WANT one of your art pieces to get in contact with you later, away from the demonstration. Remember to smile, take breaks, and have fun too! Smiles bring even more people to your display.


Don’t let this overwhelm you. If you need help or have questions, PLEASE contact me.

Mistress Micheila MacCallum, OP 
Contact Micheila on Facebook