December Words from the Lord and Lady of the Swan

Greetings unto the most noble Kingdom of the West and Our Beloved Cynagua,

We look forward to a reign filled with joy and merriment. Join us as we travel the Silk Road, and explore all that our great Populace have teach us about the Current Middle Ages. We hope to have the chance to get to know many of you at upcoming events, please come and introduce yourself to Us!

Our hearts are with our friends in the Barony of Rivenoak as they begin to recover from both fire and flood. Many thanks to those that have sacrificed their talent, time and treasure to help with donations and fundraisers to support those that have lost everything and are now rebuilding their lives. We are stronger together, and proud of the compassion shown by everyone coming together to overcome this tragedy.

As each of you contribute to the health and well being of Our Great Principality, let those great deeds and works become known. Bring to Us the wordfame of your friends and neighbors that they may be rightly rewarded.

In Humble Service,

Seth and Gwendwyn,
Lord and Lady of the Swan