Words from the Prince & Princess of Cynagua

Unto the Populace of Cynagua, Warmest Greetings!
We had a wonderful time as Lord and Lady of the Swan and were pleased to be able to talk with so many of you at local events. Our Investiture was all We could have hoped for and more, We are grateful to the event steward, feast cook and their helpers for all of their hard work to make it so.
As We begin the Spring tourney season, We ask everyone to attempt to disguise their modern items in public view as this helps us all to leave the mundane and enhance the ambiance of events. Our Principality Guilds are also important to Us as a means of both involving newcomers in activities and supporting the Arts.  We hope all active Guilds in Cynagua will find a way to show their presence at Our May Coronet Tourney. Cynaguans have great renown as generous, hospitable people, We ask that you join Us as We make the Eric an open hosting space for games and socializing.  If you wish to have a private closed camp, We ask that you do so off the Eric.
We have an ambitious progress planned throughout Our reign. We hope to see many of you this month at War Unit Practice/Wargy, the Feast of St. Raynald Pas d’Arms in Canale, and supporting our Crown and allies at Estrella War in Atenveldt.
In Service to Populace and Prinpcipality,
Seth and Gwendwyn
Prince and Princess of Cynagua