Words from the Lord & Lady of the Swan

Onto the Populace of Cynagua,

Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate.  

We continue to reach out and talk with local groups to find out more of the amazing things happening in Cynagua.  Recently, the Berserkers had Us to their home for some crafting and fighting.  We learned from them (Dreckie, Toka, Baron Conrad, Baroness Clarice, John, and Viscount Raven) of the many activities that occur monthly in the great Barony of Fettburg.  Please keep talking, emailing, Facebooking, Instagraming, etc the awesome things that are happening in your area.  The more people that know of the fantastic things happening in your area, the more people that will come and play.

Else and I look forward to Investiture on July 13th.  We hope that everyone will come to celebrate Prince Seth and Princess Gwen’s spectacular reign, Lady Else’s Pas d’ Armes to choose a Champion, and the much anticipated feast from Master Antonio.

See you soon,

Heinrich and Else
Lord and Lady of the Swan