September Words from Heinrich & Else, Prince & Princess of Cynagua

Unto the Populace of Cynagua,

Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Thistletorr for Our Investiture.  Gavin found an amazing site for the event.  Sir Stephan MacCulpin rushed around the entire day to make sure everything went smoothly.  Master Antonio defeated all the eaters with his wonderous meal.  Amazing fighting occurred on the beautiful lawns of the site showing the martial prowess of our Heavy, Rapier, and Youth Fighters.  Special thanks to Duke Hauoc for organizing and running the Pas d’ Armes.  No one could look cooler in all black on a day like that than him.  Thank you to Our old friends and new for making the event perfect.

Now for some troubling news – whispers of strife between the brutal Princes and their Beautiful Princesses have travelled throughout the Kingdom.  Or maybe the strife is between the brutal Princesses and Beautiful Princes.  Who knows?  What’s important is the upcoming Mists and Cynagua War can be considered Princes versus Princesses War (PvP for short).  

Darkwood is providing its traveling tower to the mayhem at the war.  Heavy, rapier, and youth marshal activities will happen all day.  There is even a rumor of zombies for the little ones to conquer making an appearance at the event.  We promise lots of fighting, story-telling, and drinking for all those who plan on coming out for the war at Skyline Park in Napa.  Get ready to fight your enemies and then fight next to those “enemies” in the next scenario and who knows who you’ll fight after that.  Let’s focus on the fun of war, the joy of fighting with our Western Brothers and Sisters, and preparing for the sound of battle in October to the South.

Heinrich and Else
Prince and Princess of Cynagua