October Words from Heinrich & Else, Prince & Princess of Cynagua

Greetings unto the Populace of Cynagua,

We hope to see everyone at our Coronet.  We will be visiting Nelson’s Grove outside of Woodland.  The site is beautiful with many, many trees to camp near or under.  The Tournament will be double elimination following standard West Kingdom rules.  Roses will occur around third or fourth round.  There will be Trick or Treating on the List field after the tournament, and Her Highness and I will be frying everything in sight to help power the populace for much frivolity that evening.  Monsters are said to pop out of the forest on Sundays, so there will be a hunt in the morning.   Following the Stick Horse Mounted Monster Hunt, We will enjoy a Hunt Breakfast while we watch the Tournament to select the new Prima Spada of Cynagua. 

For any fighters that wish to declare their intent to fight in any of the activities, please email your name and other appropriate information to else.hunrvogt@westkingdom.org.  Declarations are optional.  They allow everyone to share in the joy of your plans.

We would like it known that we warmly welcome and encourage all dedicated pairs of fighter and consort from Cynagua to enter October Coronet.  Our Arms stretch wide open to embrace All combinations of persons wanting to fight for the chance to lead this magnificent Principality.  Our Diversity in Cynagua is immense.  Her Highness and I would love to see all of our Populace represented in those fighters and consorts entering Our Lists. 


Heinrich and Else
Prince and Princess of Cynagua