November Words from Heinrich & Else, Prince & Princess of Cynagua

Greetings unto the Populace of Cynagua, 

As we look forward to November, we see a breadth of events highlighting the wealth of talent that forms a back bone for the Principality.  

First and foremost at the month’s beginning will be Coronet Tournament in which Our Heirs will reveal themselves. That focal point will be supported by revelry with Trick or Treating, Fry Party, and the Hunt Breakfast.  Further we will see glorious deeds on the Roses Fields, the Hunt Field and the List Field for our Prima Spada Tournament.  The Archers and the Artist shall hint at their true Prowess that weekend.  And seemingly unnoticed but never unappreciated shall go those who serve so we all can play.  

Our Archers will show their full glory at the Cynaguan Archery Championship over a field course of multiple targets.  Artists of all flavors and recognition will cap the month with grand displays where they share their beauty and their passions.  

Then we look forward to feast season and spending some time at hearth and home with you all…but first We call you to Coronet!


Heinrich and Else 
Prince and Princess of Cynagua