Coronet Words from Heinrich & Else, Prince & Princess of Cynagua

Ghosts and goblins haunt the woods to frighten fighters and consorts upon the field, but Our Heirs fear no obstacles.  They look toward the future when They rise above all others to reign over these fair lands.  Emboldened by the resolve of stalwart couples in Cynagua, our youth and rapier fighters join the fray.  Mischievous spirits need beware as our energetic youth combatants flood the forests in a sweeping hunt to banish all frights on Sunday morning.  Her Highness will mount her charger to lead this Band of Warriors to make Our lands safe for the new Heirs.  The strongest rapier fighters of the West, inspired by this Cynaguan bravery , will strut upon The List Field on Sunday to battle for La Prima Spada.

The weekend promises glimpses of all the bounty of Cynagua: fighting, feasting, merriment, TRICK OR TREATING around the grove, hunting, archery, art, and more.  We welcome each of you to this wonderful event.  Create and share memories to last for years to come.

Heinrich and Else