July Missive from Their Highnesses

Unto Cynagua and the Populace of the West do Fearghus and Sylvie send greetings!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Autocrat, staff and feast crew at Our Investiture. We are thrilled and the day has quite taken our breath away.

Quickly on the heels of our Investiture we had the great pleasure to attend the Silver Desert Meet-n-Beat. It thrills us to see fighters and consorts improving on martial skills and A&S. The Meet-n-Beats have become the stone against which we whet the blade of Our army.

Speaking of Our army, We are eager to stride the war field against our misty brethren. Cynagua/Mists War is coming to Our fields September 9-11. Site details are being finalized and more information is forthcoming shortly.

We are eager to hear word of the good deeds of our Populace as you bring to Our attention the noble and worthy acts of your friends and neighbors. We are excited to represent Cynagua and bring great honor and joy to Her people.

Yours in Service,

Fearghus and Sylvie

Prince and Princess of Cynagua