Care & Feeding – Royal Likes and Dislikes for Kith & Arianwen

…………………………………………………NOTE Preferred rendition is with 5 petal roses.




Dislikes: Eats almost everything. No shrimp.


Likes: iced tea, sweet tea, coconut water, gatorade (fierce grape), pineapple juice, coffee with cream and sugar (no fake sweeteners, please.) Coke, no Pepsi. Ginger Ale.

Dislikes: No diet soda.


Likes: dark unspiced rum (Kirk and Sweeney, Zaya etc.), mead, Gin and tonic, Blue Moon, Hefeweiss, port.

Dislikes: No hoppy beers, no vodka.

Snack Preferences: Wasabi almonds, salami, roast beef, loves all cheeses, most fruit, crackers. Chicken in a Bisket!

Gift Preferences: Likes fleurs and suns, roman eagles, St Katherine’s wheels, peacocks. Fabric, trim, jewelry, pottery.

Preferred rendition of device/elements: See attached pictures.

Household Badge: Gold Fleur de lys inside a red sun on a blue background.

Household motto: All is seen where the light shines the brightest.

Fave colors: Blue, gold, red, black

Personal motto: Axios




Likes: Most foods are fine. Meat (no game, no lamb, no rabbit, no veal), all veggies.

Dislikes: no shrimp, fish, anything that lives in water (Fish are friends, not food!) Absolutely no liver, gizzards etc. No walnuts.


Likes: Sweet tea, peach tea, vitamin water, coconut water, gatorade/powerade cut with water; will drink Ginger ale. Coffee in the AM, very white and very sweet, usually just with a lot of flavored creamer.

Dislikes: No soda.


Likes: Moscato, mead, coconut rum, Angry Orchard, ginger ale with Apple Crown, port.

Dislikes: No champagne (migraines) Red wine

Snack Preferences: Salami, cream cheese w/ or w/out pepperoncini’s, love all cheeses, roast beef, ham, most fruit, crackers. Chicken in a Biskit!

Gift Preferences: Loves Tudor roses, and five petaled blue, white or red roses; crowns, swans, fleurs. Fabric, trim, jewelry, pottery. Please no soaps or candles.

Preferred Rendition of Device and elements: field of blue and white, with five petaled roses counterchanged on blue and white (the roses on the West Kingdom Roll of Arms, Awards list, and shown above are NOT five petaled roses.)

Household badge: gold sun on a purple background.

Household motto: Semper Ad Lucem (Always towards the Light.)

Fave colors: blue, black, silver