Chatelaine Challenge

Greetings Cynagua! This is your friendly new Cynaguan Chatelaine! So many these days have bemoaned the lack of newcomer outreach. I hear it at events, I see it on social networks. It is indeed a shame that some areas have fallen behind on having a working Chatelaine. Everyone talks about what could be done to make it better, to change things. Many good ideas have come up. I myself have a few that I will be implementing…

Therefore, this is me taking my first step, and singing out my words of challenge! I call on not only the citizens of Cynagua, but those of all the West! Have you asked what could be done? Have you offered words of suggestion on a “fix?” I would ask that YOU take the first step. Find out if you have a local Chatelaine in your group. Offer your support and help! Can you reach them fairly easily? Or have you called and written to no avail? If this is the case, offer to become your local Chatelaine! Work with me to re-invigorate our welcoming committee here in the West! If you do find that they respond quickly and efficiently, excellent! Thank them for their incredible service. Then think about becoming a Deputy, for offices always need successors.

What exactly *is* a Chatelaine, and what are their duties and responsibilities, you ask? I’m glad you asked! A Chatelaine serves as the face of the SCA. It is our job to be informative, friendly and welcoming. If we see someone looking interested, be it at an event or a practice, we should reach out to them and ask them some questions. We should have on hand either a business card, a flyer or brochure with information about what the SCA is and how to get more involved. I will help you find these resources! You should be able to respond to a phone call or an email from an interested person within a week. (Obviously sometimes life happens, but that should be the goal.) You do have to send in a report a few times a year, but it is very easy. I will give you a template, tell you how to fill it out and even remind you that it is due! šŸ˜€

So you see, this is a job you can do. Please, consider serving your Principality and your Kingdom. It is through our newcomers that we gain new life. I will help you in all the ways I can. Heed my clarion call and ride to the service of your Kingdom!

Yours in Abiding Service,

Countess Arianwen ferch Morgan, OWGS,
Chatelaine of Cynagua