Care and Feeding – Royal Likes and Dislikes for Gwain & Meisha


Gwain: no liver, seafood or artificial sweeteners including Splenda. Doesn’t like broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash. Doesn’t eat a lot of sweets.
Meisha: many diet restrictions, contact food coordinator (Angus Tyresson) directly.
Kids: can’t eat beef, dairy whey, tree fruits or citrus. Hard cheeses are ok.


Gwain: Gin &Tonic, Scotch, Bourbon
Meisha: cider, rum, anejo tequila, cognac, brandy
Homebrews, check diet restrictions.
Kids like root beer or sprite


Gwain and Meisha: Early 10th century Norse/Viking (Danish) We also like Saxon garb. Prefer to match.
Aleksandra: 14-15th century Ottoman
Aleksandr and Nathaniel: undecided


Gwain: black and gold
Meisha: gold and purple (and black)
We prefer earthy tones and jewel tones, darker or subdued colors
Aleksandr: blue, gold, black
Aleksandra: black, blue, burgundy, white
Nathaniel: yellow, grey, black


Gwain: pegasus
Meisha: dolphin
We like checks, knotwork, geometric, simple designs.
Aleksandr: wolf
Aleksandra: phoenix or horse
Nathaniel: cat