Coved-19 Event Cancelations

‎Anthony Lynch‎ to West Kingdom, SCA

To protect & defended,We started the journey with all of you swearing to protect and defend the noble Kingdom of the West at 12th-night. We have come to that moment as King and Queen. We need to cancel March Crown and all other events in the West Kingdom until the state of CA lifts the recommendation of no event larger than 250 due to coronavirus. This grieves us a great deal, as we loved the energy and support people were pouring into March Crown and our cancer fundraiser. That will still happen when we fight Crown and be sure we will fight crown as soon as we are able! Her Majesty and I have no wish to hold the crown longer than our reign, even though we have loved that we have to gotten to be your King and Queen.What does this mean for other smaller gatherings such as fighter practice? We are only looking to cancel the events listed in the page. These are the events that will have the potential of having 250 or close to that number show up. Small fighter practices or local gatherings are still ok. We ask that you use common sense, do not go see friends if you are at all sick or share drinks, etc.(Notes on the ideal outcome for spring Crown)If Beltane sees CA lifting the recommendation of no events larger than 250. We will fight Crown and do coronation that Sunday at Beltain! For all of you hopefuls, we feel this gives as much time as we can for you to prepare. Oertha has long had this system for its Coronet tourneys and Coronations, with it being fun for all.If we are not able to do this at Beltane, due to the state of CA still recommending no events over 250, this will be the model that will be followed when the time comes for the crown tourney and the coronavirus is not longer a concern.

Uther Rex Vera Regina