1980 – 1989
January – July Investiture July – January Investiture
Prince Strider and Princess Kathryn
Investiture: 1979/11/04

Stepped down: 1980/07/12
Prince Rolf I and Princess Yolanda
Investiture: 1980/07/12

Stepped down: 1981/01/31
Prince Alfric I and Princess Gwendwyn
Investiture: 1981/01/31

Stepped down: 1981/07/18
Prince Edward and Princess Christianna
Investiture: 1981/07/18

Stepped down: 1982/01/30
Prince Alfric II and Princess Sharra
Investiture: 1982/01/30

Stepped down: 1982/07/17
Prince Rolf II and Princess Lachlin I
Investiture: 1982/07/17

Stepped down: 1983/01/29
Prince Robert and Princess Freydis
Investiture: 1983/01/29

Stepped down: 1983/07/16
Prince Eric I and Princess Fiona I
Investiture: 1983/07/16

Stepped down: 1984/01/28
Prince Maelgwyn and Princess Katya
Investiture: 1984/01/28

Stepped down: 1984/07/14
Prince Michael and Princess Iseult
Investiture: 1984/07/14

Stepped down: 1985/01/26
Prince Rolf III and Princess Lachlin II
Investiture: 1985/01/26

Stepped down: 1985/07/20
Prince Colin and Princess Ceridwen
Investiture: 1985/07/20

Stepped down: 1986/01/25
Prince Falan I and Princess Raven
Investiture: 1986/01/25

Stepped down: 1986/07/12
Prince Eric II and Princess Fiona II
Investiture: 1986/07/12

Stepped down: 1987/01/24
Prince Falan II and Princess Nikki I
Investiture: 1987/01/24

Stepped down: 1987/07/11
Prince Phillip and Princess Carol
Investiture: 1987/07/11

Stepped down: 1988/01/30
Prince Christian I and Princess Susan
Investiture: 1988/01/30

Stepped down: 1988/07/09
Prince Garth and Princess Tatiana
Investiture: 1988/07/09

Stepped down: 1989/02/04
Prince Elrik and Princess Lucrezia
Investiture: 1989/02/04

Stepped down: 1989/07/15
Prince Gareth and Princess Ruarai
Investiture: 1989/07/15

Stepped down: 1990/01/27
1990 – 1999
January – July Investiture July – January Investiture
Prince Eric Bearsbane and Princess Aricia
Investiture: 1990/01/27

Stepped down: 1990/07/14
Prince Obadiah I and Princess Ekatarina
Investiture: 1990/07/14

Stepped down: 1991/01/26
Prince Ragnar I and Princess Skye
Investiture: 1991/01/26

Stepped down: 1991/07/13
Prince Falan III and Princess Nikki II
Investiture: 1991/07/13

Stepped down: 1992/01/25
Prince Hauoc I and Princess Niamh
Investiture: 1992/01/25

Stepped down: 1992/07/18
Prince Cathan and Princess Thyrinni
Investiture: 1992/07/18

Stepped down: 1993/01/23
Prince Alden and Princess Madelaine
Investiture: 1993/01/23

Stepped down: 1993/07/17
Prince Hauoc II and Princess Maeren
Investiture: 1993/07/17

Stepped down: 1994/01/29
Prince Merced and Princess Louise I
Investiture: 1994/01/29

Stepped down: 1994/07/16
Prince Stefan and Princess Angelica
Investiture: 1994/07/16

Stepped down: 1995/01/28
Prince Cybi I and Princess Victoria I
Investiture: 1995/01/28

Stepped down: 1995/07/15
Prince Thorstag and Princess Eowyn
Investiture: 1995/07/15

Stepped down: 1996/01/27
Prince Daniel and Princess Giuliana
Investiture: 1996/01/27

Stepped down: 1996/07/13
Prince Christian II and Princess Isabeau
Investiture: 1996/07/13

Stepped down: 1997/02/01
Prince Ursus and Princess Khadija
Investiture: 1997/02/01

Stepped down: 1997/07/12
Prince Thorfinn and Princess Katherine
Investiture: 1997/07/12

Stepped down: 1998/01/31
Prince Conor I and Princess Isa I
Investiture: 1998/01/31

Stepped down: 1998/07/18
Prince Falan Silverhawk and Princess Denise
Investiture: 1998/07/18

Stepped down: 1999/01/30
Prince Thomas and Princess Gwendolyn
Investiture: 1999/01/30

Stepped down: 1999/07/17
Prince Obadiah II and Princess Damaris
Investiture: 1999/07/17

Stepped down: 2000/01/29
2000 – 2009
January – July Investiture July – January Investiture
Prince Conor II and Princess Isa II
Investiture: 2000/01/29

Stepped down: 2000/07/15
Prince Zaid I and Princess Louise II
Investiture: 2000/07/15

Stepped down: 2001/01/27
Prince Ragnar II and Princess Sciath
Investiture: 2001/01/27

Stepped down: 2001/07/14
Prince Dregel I and Princess Bronwyn I
Investiture: 2001/07/14

Stepped down: 2002/01/26
Prince Gemini and Princess Mari
Investiture: 2002/01/26

Stepped down: 2002/07/13
Prince Reinar I and Princess Katira
Investiture: 2002/07/13

Stepped down: 2003/01/25
Prince Cybi II and Princess Victoria II
Investiture: 2003/01/25

Stepped down: 2003/07/12
Prince Eric van Roosebeke and Princess Lisa
Investiture: 2003/07/12

Stepped down: 2004/01/24
Prince Gunther I and Princess Keisha
Investiture: 2004/01/24

Stepped down: 2004/07/10
Prince Reinar II and Princess Ellisif
Investiture: 2004/07/10

Stepped down: 2005/01/29
Prince Daniel and Princess Lourdez
Investiture: 2005/01/29

Stepped down: 2005/07/09
Prince Alvar and Princess Megen
Investiture: 2005/07/09

Stepped down: 2006/01/28
Prince Eric and Princess Stefana
Investiture: 2006/01/28

Stepped down: 2006/07/15
Prince Zaid II and Princess Louise III
Investiture: 2006/07/15

Stepped down: 2007/01/27
Prince Gunther II and Princess Juliana
Investiture: 2007/01/27

Stepped down: 2007/07/14
Prince Dregel II and Princess Bronwen II
Investiture: 2007/07/14

Stepped down: 2008/01/26
Prince Alden II and Princess Constantina
Investiture: 2008/01/26

Stepped down: 2008/07/12
Prince Marc and Princess Arianwen
Investiture: 2008/07/12

Stepped down: 2009/01/31
Prince Daniel and Princess Aeschine
Investiture: 2009/01/31

Stepped down: 2009/07/11
Prince Eric and Princess Annora
Investiture: 2009/07/11

Stepped down: 2010/01/30


Prince Rolf and Princess Aurora
Investiture: 2010/01/30
Stepped down: 2010/7/10

Prince Loclan and Princess Vigdis
Investiture: 2010/7/10
Stepped down: 2011/1/29

Prince Takeshi and Princess Sora
Investiture: 2011/01/29
Stepped down: 2011/07/09

Prince Achilles and Princess Esmerelda
Investiture: 2011/07/09
Stepped down: 2012/1/28

Prince Richard and Princess Alloria
Investiture: 2012/01/28
Stepped down: 2012/07/14

Princess Mari and Prince Brocc
Investiture: 2012/07/14
Stepped down: 2013/01/26

Prince Thorstagge and Princess Eowyn
Investiture: 2013/01/26
Stepped down: 2013/07/13

Prince Miach and Princess Sciath
Investiture: 2013/07/13
Stepped down: 2014/01/25

Prince Walerich and Princess Catriona
Investiture: 2014/01/25
Stepped down: 2014/07/12

Prince Jost and Princess Isolte
Investiture: 2014/07/12
Stepped down: 2015/01/24

Prince Bjorn and Princess Hilarie
Investiture: 2015/01/24
Stepped down: 2015/07/11

Prince Walerich and Princess Catriona
Investiture: 2015/07/11
Stepped down: 2016/01/23

Prince Eibhear and Princess Catherine
Investiture: 2016/01/23
Stepped down: 2016/07/09

Prince Fearghus and Princess Sylvie
Investiture: 2016/07/09
Stepped down: 2017/01/28

Prince Raven and Princess Brenna
Investiture: 2017/01/28
Stepped down: 2017/07/22