Words from Their Highnesses

Unto the populous of Cynagua, 

Greetings from your Prince and Princess, Lochlainn and Eva. We are overjoyed to have the opportunity to serve you, and We would like to thank our predecessors, Duke Thorfin and Vicountess Tulia, for their gracious service to this principality. 

Our journey in the Society began in Cynagua, and though we went to the fair Mist lands for a time, we could not be happier to be home. The Sable Swan is strong and her lands vast. It is our intention to see as much of it as possible during the course of our reign. As such, we will be attending as many local events as we can. It would be our greatest pleasure to reward the great deeds of our populous, but we can not see everything. Please send in your award recommendations and tell us of Cynagua’s heroes. 

Yours In Service, 

Lochlainn, Princeps
Eva, Principessa