Who We Are


coronetPrince of Cynagua:
Heinrich von Melk
Princess of Cynagua:
Else Hünrvogt

The Royal Progress
Care and Feeding – Royal Likes and Dislikes
Website for Reign 

Head of Court: 
Kathryn Onora 

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Heirs to the Thrones of Cynagua

Lord of the Swan:
Ragnar Walerichson
Lady of the Swan:
Brynhildr Marðardottir


The Officers of Cynagua

The officers of Cynagua serve the Principality and Coronet with the day to day running of the Principality.  To learn more about what each officer does click the name of the office to visit their page.  If you are new to the SCA, the Chatelaine’s page is a great place to start.

Gavin Conall of Greenlaw 

 Deputy:  Finna kottr Godormsdottir

arts sciences Arts and Sciences:  Agnes berengarii de Girona

chatelaine Chatelaine:  Ciarán mac Ultáin

 Deputy:  Isadora
 Deputy: Nuala Inghean Cuircc

goldkey Gold Key:  Jocelyn d’Orleans

chronicler Chronicler:  Treásach Þjóðhagi 

constable Constable:  Thaddeus Maddox

equestrian Equestrian Minister:  Viscountess Juliana of Avon

exchequer Exchequer:  Caoilinn Rose Maddox

lists Lists:  Aurora Komnene

marshal Marshal:  Walerich von Bredereke

Deputies: Ljufvina of Vakkerfjell
Rapier Marshal:  Justin Dickson
Missile Combat Marshal:  Michael of the Shire
Youth Combat Marshal:  Finna kottr Godormsdottir


archery Minister of the Bow:  Ivar the Old


 Minister of the Mint:  Eowyn d’Agincourt


regalia Regalia:  Robert de Perceval 

herald Sable Swan Herald:  Moira O’Connor

scribes Sable Swan Scribe:  Jocelyn d’Orleans     

webminister Webminister:  Rhys ap Gwion Baird

               Deputy: Aurora Komnene
                 Cynagua Instagram: Thorkatla Yngvarsdottir

pageschool Youth Chancellor:  Brenna Bethan

Lord Defender of Cynagua:  Lucas mac Conmael
Prima Spada of Cynagua:  
Jose Ramirez de Coronado

Bard of Cynagua:  Tuathflaith ingen Maedoc


Guilds of Cynagua .    

Cynagua Culinary Guild (cooking):  Tashi Falconsclaw
Guild of St. Hildegard (herbalist):  Tashi Falconsclaw
Sable Swan Needle Workers Guild (embroidery/fiber arts):  Étaín ingen Chellaig
Black Swan Brewers (beverage fermenting):  Michael of the Shire
Copper Spoon (cooking): Africa nic Shiomha nic Gill’onfhaidh
Chirurgeon’s Guild (first aid):  Rhys ap Gwion Baird