State of the Kingdom-Words from the Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings to you all! 

This is the first in a series of posts I am calling the State of the Kingdom. They will provide updates on things that are being worked on at the Kingdom level. I will present the information during Court at each Crown event, then shortly thereafter, the information will be published in the Page, on the website, and on social media. 

There are a lot of exciting things happening, especially around technology:

Event Copy Form-We have recently developed and released a Google form for submitting Page and Calendar copy for events. This will allow for much less back and forth due to forgotten/missing items and ultimately help avoid delays in publication. We have added a checklist of accessibility items to this form so the populace can make informed decisions regarding which events they can attend or what other items they may need to bring etc. 

Additionally, I will be adding links to the venue’s official website where available as soon as the site is booked. 

*Event side note-all of the remaining 2023 events and 2024 12th Night have Event Stewards! We are now in the market for Event Stewards in 2024. 

Website items:

     -Issue Reporting Form-There is now a form on the website that will allow you to easily report any issues you happen to find such as broken links or inaccurate information. It is located toward the bottom of each page under Resources. This is the BEST way to get issues resolved in a timely manner. 

      -Website Overhaul-it is coming! The communications team is meeting monthly to work on this project. Be on the lookout for a very short survey regarding the current website and what you like and don’t like about it. This survey will not collect any identifying information or email addresses. *Note-this project is why we haven’t done much with the Volunteer Guild I have spoken of previously. We discovered in order to do what we envisioned, this work needed to be completed first. 

       -Local group sites Beta program-Mistress Else is working diligently with several groups to build Google sites that are not only beautiful and informative, but easy to maintain and update. 

Thank you all for being here. Always remember, you can be anything, be kind. 

Katrina Yarbrough, OP
West Kingdom Seneschal