Update on Kingdom Event Cancellations.

From the Crown,

We have had a question of how long the canceling of events is in place, to be clear we did not say till the end of March, we said till end of social bans. See below our previous missive. All events in the page are canceled till we see the state and CDC social gathering bans are lifted. As soon as they are lifted and we know that people can safely gather, we will have our Crown Touney / Coronation event weekend to kick things off for the kingdom! Oertha and Far West have exceptions and need to fallow their local guidelines in these areas. Fighter practice and local group gatherings are still ok, as long as they are well under the suggested guild-line of no more than 50 people. We further ask that people be mindful of safety when in small gatherings like fighter practice, wash hands, do not share drinks etc.

From our Post

“We need to cancel March Crown and all other events in the West Kingdom until the state of CA lifts the recommendation of no event larger than 250 due to coronavirus” “We are only looking to cancel the events listed in the page”

Uther Rex Vera Regina